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Sherry Yoga

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For years I have been athletic with a love of weights, kick boxing, rollerblading and anything else that allowed me to throw all my energy into the activity, so yoga...."pfffttt....naw, I won't like yoga" was my mindset. I had convinced myself that yoga was NOT for me and that I wouldn't like it. I resisted anyone whom attempted to convince me otherwise. I wasn't flexible and didn't think it would be "enough". Then one day, I had an opportunity that I could not ignore and I walked into a yoga studio for the first time. I had an open mind and knew I had nothing to lose. Well....I fell in love...with Yoga. I could not ignore the benefits my body and mind reaped from yoga. I had finally found what I had been missing and a beautiful compliment to my training program.

Does this mean that I did phenomenally well at my first practice? Hahaha....absolutely not. I felt completely awkward. I couldn't touch my toes, I felt tight everywhere in my body and most of the time I didn't even really know what my limbs were supposed to be doing. I was so far out of my comfort zone...but for some reason that was foreign to me at the time, my body felt great. So I kept going and my practice started to grow. I was sleeping better, felt better, had more energy, less anxiety, and overall simply felt more grounded. I was and still am constantly growing and learning and exploring through each and every practice. Yoga became a daily practice for me.

It finally got to the point where I wanted to share this experience with others and I craved to learn more about yoga. I attended the intensive 500hr Moksha (MODO) Yoga Teacher Training in Nicaragua, January 2016. In May of 2019, I completed the 100hr Modo Flow Training in Paris, France. Since then, I have added Power 60hr Training by Bryan Kest; Yin 50hr Training with Bernie Clark; and Mental Health & Trauma Informed 50hr Training to my thirst for knowledge. I am still not even close to done, but a wise mentor once told me..."one thing at a time...let it resonate". My next goals for training and knowledge are Kids yoga and pre/post natal yoga teacher trainings...and so much more.

When I am not spreading my love of yoga I enjoy hiking and spending time with my Aussie-babies Ragnar, Steinar, and Thialvar - the loves of my life; riding my Harley Sportster, and spending time with my nieces. I am so grateful.



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Belmont, Ontario
Phone: 519.859.0977
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